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The Shasta County Chamber Committees

The Shasta County Chamber of Commerce is here to help create a strong local economy by representing businesses, promoting Shasta County, and facilitating connections. Serving as an advocate and a resource, the Chamber provides timely information on economic, legislative, and other factors critical to the success of a local business.

Committees forming the first quarter of 2024

The Shasta County Chamber is growing quickly and organically. With this expanding membership, we will be starting the formation of our founding member committees during the first quarter of 2024.  Current Chamber members are invited to participate at the onset.

At the core of the Shasta County Chamber are the following principles:

  • Rural Empowerment
  • Strong County, Strong Cities
  • Team Spirit
  • Servant Leadership

Initial Committees:

  • Tourism
  • Food Service (Restaurants)
  • Small Business
  • Government Relations

If you are a current Chamber member and you are interested in participating in the foundation of our committees, please let us know.

Board Committees Interest Form