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The New Shasta County Chamber of Commerce. It's about time!

The Shasta County Chamber is a collaboration between California Adventure District (Nigel Skeet), Enjoy (James Mazzotta) and Redding Buzz (Jason Stovall)

At the core of the Shasta County Chamber are the following principles:
Rural Empowerment, Strong County - Strong Cities, Team Spirit, Servant Leadership.

We started in August, 2023.

We love Shasta County and want to see it thrive.

Nigel Skeet

Director of the Shasta County Chamber.

James Mazzotta

Co-Director of the Shasta County Chamber.

Jason Stovall

Co-Director of the Shasta County Chamber.

Why is it 'only' $97 per year to join?

We want our members to be more than just a number, we want our members to be our partners.  We set the membership fee low to remove as many barriers as possible.

What do you do with the money?

We use the membership fees to pay for Chamber events, like the monthly Roundups (meetings), where we collectively visit one of our members’ restaurants and pay for food, up to $200 or so.

We also use some of the funds to sponsor some of our members’ events, like the Shasta Mud Run for example.

We do not use membership fees to take salaries, pay for overhead, or time spent.  We volunteer our time.

Why are you not a non-profit?

We’re in this together, and if you’re in business to make a profit or to grow your organization, we want to be in the same arena you are in and be able to relate to who you are and what your goals are.

We will not be seeking donations to float our Chamber.  We will seek partners.


We look forward to hearing from you.